How Can You Use Taboola and Outbrain Effectively?

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Taboola and Outbrain

If you want your business or product marketed on the internet without being nosy and annoying to your potential customers, native advertising is what you should go for. This type of advertising is not intrusive and targets your audience in a manner they find appealing. Not to mention the fact that native advertising is highly relevant to what people are already looking for. Most importantly, native ads appear on websites similarly like the other content, which makes them seamless.

The two platforms that the world is using today for advertising natively are Taboola and Outbrain. These are both great platforms and you can’t go wrong with either. However, here are some tips to help you use them effectively.

Choose the Platform per Your Business Type

Both platforms have huge advertising networks with billions of recommendations every single day. In other words, you can’t doubt them based on their size. However, what you want to pay attention to is the fact that they both kind of specialize in certain types of businesses. Whether it is inherent to how they work or intentional is not known. All you should care about is picking the one that best serves your business. For example, Taboola is considered a better platform for advertisers in the tech, education, games, science, news, and adult niches.

On the other hand, when it comes to Outbrain, it caters to electronics, arts, entertainment, and games. You have to pick the platform that you think will be best for your industry. The number of websites they both make your ads appear on is high. Taboola can publish you content on just a little below 500,000 websites whereas Outbrain can publish it on just a little over 500,000 websites.

Target Based on Device Type

Your campaigns will perform best if you base them on the type of device. Of course, you do have the option to target your campaigns for all types of devices on both platforms. However, the problem you will come across while doing that is that the performance of your campaign might not come out to be the best. How does that happen? Well, this comes from Taboola and Outbrain that certain types of campaigns perform best on certain devices. In other words, you will get a better return if you target a campaign for mobile users and then design it accordingly.

Another thing you will notice is that these platforms have their preferred devices as well. You can read on Outbrain’s own website that their campaigns have been performing better on mobile devices than they have been on desktop devices. At the same time, experts recommend that when you are working on creating your campaign, you should pair laptops and tablets together rather than tablets and smartphones. As surprising as it may sound, you can see that due to the screen size, the behavior of users on tablets is much similar to their behavior on laptops than on smartphones.

Marketing Mix Compatibility

Last but not least, no amount of campaigning will do you any good if you choose a platform that does not even blend into your existing marketing mix. What it means is that you should pick the platform that integrates well with the existing marketing software, tools, and apps you are using. If you are currently using tools like Opera, Site Scout, Pandora, etc. it is best that you go with Taboola. However, those with Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce are better off using Outbrain for their native advertising campaigns. Ignoring such an important consideration could mean no returns for you.

Final Thoughts

This is how you can use the two platforms for the best returns on your investments. You can always create your campaigns based on the types of websites you want your content to be on. Outbrain and Taboola both have some big websites where they can make your content appear, such as LeMonde, CNN, The Washington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, MSN, Bloomberg, etc.