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I think that Dian Fossey was a really cool person and I believed that she loved everything she did for the gorillas and I know that she missed Digit whenever he died.

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What a absolutly fab job u done for the mountain Gorilla's. I myself am a huge lover of the mountain Gorilla's, I have started to collect the Dian Fossey collection of the Gorilla's and will carry on to collect them all. I also last year addopted one of the young Gorilla's and will again this year continue to addopt more. I only wish i could do as much as u did, but i hope that what i am doing is enough to help save the mountain Gorilla's. Well Done. love a very devoted mountain gorilla fan xoxox

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dian fossie is a hero, she went out of her way to save the mountain gorilas, it even costed her life..and to this day I honor the work she has done on this earth to save the beautiful creatures.

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my name is Todd Walls and i had the priveledge of meeting the brother of Dian Fossey, his name is Donald Fossey, he told me alot about Dian, and her personal wage of war against poachers, i dont see the justification in killing a woman whose heart was so full of love and compassion, im almost certain that her killer/killers are paying the price for their terrible deed, strange how a person with such little knowledge about animals went as far as this, and the impact she had go's on today, i wish you and digit and uncle bert the very best...RIP Todd

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Always an admirer of Dian...Rest in Peace Sheri

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Chelsea Fischer,10

What those pochers did to dian , they sould pay for murdering a women just trying to save gorillas who where being poched by these terrible men.Some say the man who dian is still alive poching these innocent animals.Everybody should to my opinion.We all miss you dian.

Love, Chelsea

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We all miss you

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Hola!, mi nombre es Adriana Rodríguez, soy de Guanajuato en México y por el motivo que escribo es porque me encanta la naturaleza y amo a los animales, hace mucho ví la película "Gorilas en la niebla" , la cual me impactó tanto en el realismo de la película y la fuerza de Dian Fossey, desde ese momento la admiro, y cada día me gustaría saber más de ella.

Mi mail es: adisclaja@loquesea.com por su atención gracias.

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She loved gorillas. She was buried by Digit.

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